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American Horror Story

American Horror Story - 2011

An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, and an enigmatic hotel.


Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer


Supernatural - 2005

Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder - 2015

A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.

The Wife

The Wife

Stalag 17

Stalag 17 - 1953

When two escaping American World War II prisoners are killed, the German POW camp barracks black marketeer, J.J. Sefton, is suspected of being an informer.

Four Seasons In Havana


Gotham - 2015

The story behind Detective James Gordon's rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman's arrival.

Police Story 3: Supercop

Police Story 3: Supercop - 1996

A Hong Kong detective teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart to stop a Chinese drug czar.